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The ultimate digital whiteboard solution with content sharing and interactive touch at your fingertips, ideal for meetings and presentations in conference rooms or classrooms.

Client: ViewSonic

ViewBoard is an interactive flat panel display featuring huge touchscreens. Pilotfish was not only responsible for the User Interface design from A-Z, but also acted as a strategy consultant.

This resulted in a change of concept along the way. ViewSonic initially requested to design one general interface concept, to be used both in the offices and in schools. After the concept brainstorm session and user experience research, Pilotfish recommended to develop multiple interface concepts, because the target groups are very divers. After re-organizing the information architecture, two tailormade concepts were designed to give the best user experience.

In only 3 months, Pilotfish build the user interface from scratch with reverse engineering and documented the complete infrastructure. A very import part of the design process was the ergonomic design and visibility testing. From an ergonomic point of view, Pilotfish worked with the average height, arm length and view angles to define the working areas and to prioritize the different screen features.

ViewBoard displays are designed as an open platform with excellent collaborative capabilities. It allows multiple users to securely connect and remotely write, edit and draw on screen simultaneously. With an ultra-fine 4K resolution, the ViewBoard will give an incredibly smooth and natural touchscreen handwriting experience.

Months development time
Pilotfish did: 

Field Research

Field research is to collect raw data from the target audience. We conduct qualitative user research through user observations and interviews and develop personas and user cases. We define the user’s pain points and gather all insights to understand their needs and behavior.


This is the exploration phase where the design team gets together to translate the insights of the user research phase into creative concepts, sketches and wireframes.

UI Design

With a business strategy direction, designers will create functional map, flow chart, UI flow and graphical user interface based on this essence. Tested, prototyped and validated along the way with user test feedback.


Behind the scenes

Transparent and rapid communication between ViewSonic and Pilotfish, resulted in a strong and open relationship. A solid base for the future. Pilotfish is currently working on an Industrial Design project for a ViewSonic monitor.




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