iSpiro APP

Patient Centered Spirometry Application

A trustworthy and easy-to-use home guidance product experience for end users
in order to obtain reliable data.

Client: ERT

The ERT iSpiro APP is a healthcare app developed by Pilotfish for patients suffering from the lung diseases Asthma, COPD and IPF.

Besides the industrial design of the lung function testing device SpiroSphere, Pilotfish was also responsible for creating the patient-facing healthcare application to combine with this devices. The Android app created for US medical technology supplier ERT, helps to remind patients to test their health condition in time. The app displays forced vital categories data (FVC) coming from the external sensor in the SpiroSphere and provides feedback about the quality of the data to the patient.

The UI design was particularly focusing on the following aspects: simple, safe and convenient handling, optimal accessibility, functionality and self-declaration of all functions and controls. Also user research was included; Pilotfish met with patients to gather information about usability issues and identified issues by testing competitors applications trough observation and interviews.

Learn more about the hardware design of the SpiroSphere.

Years of working together
Pilotfish did: 

Field Research

Field research is to collect raw data from the target audience. We conduct qualitative user research through user observations and interviews and develop personas and user cases. We define the user’s pain points and gather all insights to understand their needs and behavior.    


This is the exploration phase where the design team gets together to translate the insights of the user research phase into creative concepts, sketches and wireframes. 

UI design

With a business strategy direction, designers will create functional map, flow chart, UI flow and graphical user interface based on this essence. Tested, prototyped and validated along the way with user test feedback.  

Behind the Scenes

Pilotfish had a couple of interviews with end users to gather feedback on a competitive application. In their home, a place where they feel safe and comfortable, lung patients were invited to go through the different steps and explore the application by themselves.

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