Simodont Dental Trainer

Haptic technology and integrated user interface for dental trainer

Simodont offers teachers and students a new way of dental skill training and theory learning. Virtual Reality technology is used to train a variety of dental procedures on 3D tooth models.

Client: Moog

Pilotfish designed the user interface and connected hardware and software, haptic technology and all stakeholders into a unique product experience.

Through a methodological approach, the Pilotfish design team dived into the complexity of the dental world to make a simple, fun and useful product experience. Simodont helps to build the student’s confidence and skills before moving into the clinic. The drill hand piece features highly realistic force feedback so that it provides an exact feeling of the instruments and objects and the different materials that are being prepared.

Teachers can instruct and asses students on real-life cases to develop understanding of dental issues. Actual intra-oral scans can be imported and worked on so that a student can practice on a specific patient’s case prior to treating that patient in the clinic.

Thanks to a very easy to use design workflow, students can develop their skills and knowledge using an attractive simulator that is both realistic and fun to use, without waste and with unlimited repetition.

Dental schools rely on Simodont for their dental curriculum
Pilotfish did: 

Usability Research

The usability research enabled the Pilotfish team to dive into the dental industry.


From the web based responsive management tool to the student exercise integrated in the product; the overall user flow has been thought through accordingly.


The wireframing process allowed the Pilotfish team to translate the user interview and research insights into first tangible concepts.

User interface design

Based on Moog design guidelines, the team designed all the graphic design elements, such as the dental instruments, to make sure the experience fits the reality.

User tests

The user tests and observations of our first prototypes helped us to better understand the two different stakeholders’ (teachers & students) struggles and needs regarding the different product experience.

Front-end development

During the CSS implementation, the design and the development team closely collaborated in an interative process to ensure that the final experience meets the design vision.

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