3rd generation OnBoard Car Unit

Client: Haitec
Website: haitec.com.tw

The OnBoard Unit (OBU) communicates with the driver and is designed to perform multiple in-car functions. With a large 12 inch display, Pilotfish managed to design the visual elements in a way that users are able to find and control functions faster and easier.

Pilotfish was responsible for the graphical interface design and interaction design of the OBU III. We worked closely with Haitec’s Marketing department, User Experience department and Sales department. We focussed on their brand value and created style guidelines for the next 5 years.

Implemented in car models
Years of working together
Pilotfish did: 

Field Research

Field research is to collect raw data from Target Audience.  We conduct qualitative user research through user observations and interviews and then develop personas and user cases. 

UI design

With a business strategy direction, designers will create functional map, flow chart, UI flow, wireframe and graphical user interface based on this essence. 

Behind the Scenes

“Luxury and Genius” is the brand image of our client. We transformed the physical objects from the car interior into digital “Luxury and Genius”.

Ingram Huang / Team Lead Digital 
+886 2 2659 1226 #107