E.SUN Bank App

Easy online banking, wherever and whenever

Client: E.SUN Bank

E.SUN Bank’s mobile APP is a fast and convenient way to effectively manage your money 24/7 within a clean and user-friendly interface

Pilotfish was responsible for the graphical user interface design and interaction design of the E.SUN mobile APP. During the field research phase, we found that there is still resistance towards mobile banking because of security concerns. Therefore, we focused our strategy on creating a secure and trusted user experience through visual elements.

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Pilotfish did: 

UI design

With a business strategy direction in the pocket, designers will create functional map, flow chart, UI flow, wireframe and graphical user interface based on this essence. Tested, prototyped and validated along the way with user test feedback.  

Behind the Scenes

Thinking together with the client plays a key role in our design process. Therefore we love workshops! We use it as a dynamic tool to get the best insights from our clients and their users; the right people, sharing their ideas and expertise in a wide set of workshop activities, will enable us to come up with the best UI solutions.

Ingram Huang / Team Lead Digital
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