Mitcorp Videoscope UI

A videoscope with easy operations on the fingertip

The Mitcorp X1000 is a video borescope or also called inspection camera, that captures video or images deep within equipment, engines and other dark spaces. The user interface was developed by Pilotfish and creates efficiency in a harsh environment.

Client: Mitcorp

The videoscope features four-way 360° articulation with joystick operation and offers the end user superior image quality on a 7 inch LCD screen. It also features a touchscreen interface making operation for mechanical and remote visual inspection work easy.

Besides the industrial design of the Mitcorp X1000 videoscope, Pilotfish was also responsible for the user interface design. We kicked off with interviewing the end users in their own environment like refinery and garages, to secure that all pain points are fully clear. The insights from the user research phase were used by designers to come-up with a creative and easy-to-use design. The new generation X1000 gets great feedback and won the Taiwan Excellence Award in the category Health and precision instruments.

% Sales growth
Years of working together
Pilotfish did: 

Field Research

Field research is to collect raw data from Target Audience.  We conduct qualitative user research through user observations and interviews and then develop personas and user cases. 

UI design

With a business strategy direction, designers will create functional map, flow chart, UI flow, wireframe and graphical user interface based on this essence. 

ID Design

During the ID phase, we create the product’s appearance and user interaction. We not only make sure that the product is designed to be ergonomically friendly and visually appealing but also keep the production feasibility and cost needs in mind. By working hand in hand with engineers and production managers, we design the product to minimize the risks and costs that may occur during the production phase.

Behind the Scenes

Our extensive research helped Mitcorp to make the right decisions on what should be the direction of the next generation videoscopes.

Ingram Huang / Team Lead Digital 
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