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7-ELEVEN is, with more than 5.800 stores, the biggest chain in Taiwan. The OPEN POINT APP is the perfect tool to correspond with 7-ELEVEN’s members for sharing upcoming events, promotions, to support payment methods and to provide many other services.

Client: 7-ELEVEN
Website: 7-11.com.tw

Pilotfish completed the design and implementation of the OPEN POINT app, which has more than 1,300 pages, in just four months.

The scope of this exciting project was huge and complex with a tight deadline. One of the biggest challenges was to design an interface that smoothly guides users through the more than 80 functions in the app. Based on feedback from users, the design requirements changed frequently.

Pilotfish was not only responsible for the design of the app, but also acted as a design-consultant and advised in how to match the design with 7-Eleven’s current strategy.

months project
Pilotfish did: 

User experience design

From the beginning, Pilotfish was involved in strategy discussions and helped 7-Eleven to make the right decisions along the way.

User interface design

Pilotfish succeed in creating a design direction that fits 7-Eleven’s strategy through effective brainstorm sessions, mood boards and specifying 7-Eleven’s value proposition.

Visibility test

Extensive testing of font sizes, images, proportions, colours to ensure a good user experience on all kind of devices.

Behind the scenes

Pilotfish developed a design ecosystem to make it easy for 7-Eleven’s internal stakeholders to apply new functions quickly and independently. We delivered a systematic design solution comparable to a library and puzzle: pick your pre-fixed elements and together they form a new page or feature. 7-Eleven’s different departments can now easily extend the app and update it independently. The design also allows for more efficient maintenance.

Ingram Huang / Team Lead Digital
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