Connecting Hardware and Software


We are developing physical touch-points for the digital world, bridging the gap between hardware and software, and technology and people to bring seamless product experiences to the market.

Our Expertise

We work closely with our clients to understand their individual needs and serve as their trusted partner in bringing innovative concepts and creative digital solutions. We ground our work on market opportunity, trends and empathy. Our extensive knowledge and experienced teams in 3 offices around the world allow us to offer clients a wide spectrum of services.

Design Strategy

The Pilotfish team will help you to literally dream out loud what kind of product it will become, who will benefit from it and in what way it will create value for your end users and for your own business. Together we will create a realistic roadmap.

User Research

We dive into the world of our clients to reach the same level of expertise. Trying to understand user needs, behaviors and motivations through qualitative and quantitative tools. 

Experience Design

From user research to interview and personas; we observe and dive into the project’s stakeholders to understand their customer journey. We address both positive feedback and pain points, to make sure, in the end, they feel something different.

User Interface Design

We apply user needs, our insights and creativity into graphics, visual design and micro-interactions. It’s all about the final touch, the look and feel.


This is where we shape your brand, from the core values to the visual identity. We help you to stand out from the competition, build your story and make sure you’re unique through impactful logo, fonts, website and other brand assets. 

Front-end Development

This is the final stage of the process. Through different programming language, we implement our visual design and interactions into data. Dreams become tangible.



Are you looking for an experienced partner to help solve your digital challenges? Let’s see how far we can push your concept during a workshop. 


Duration: 8 hours

This intense workshop is perfect for kicking off a new and exciting project. Join the Pilotfish team to discuss user needs, customer journey and discover the profile of an ideal user. Based on this input, we will develop design directions.

Deliverables: Project vision description, insights and user flow


Duration: 4-5 days

Work with us to accelerate your idea. This one week intense sprint will take you from user research to concept exploration and you will leave our office empowered with a realistic project plan.

Deliverables: Project vision description, user definition and how to attract them, first project plan. 


Duration: 3-6 months

Let us make digital development easy for you. We take care of the whole app development process; from user research, ideation to launch and will work closely with you to deliver the best digital experience.  

Deliverables: market-ready app


We help ambitious innovators to develop their vision. We understand that your timeline and budget is tight, but we have learned how to be flexible and agile to make even the boldest dreams possible.

Corporate Ventures

Be ahead of your competition by tapping into our innovative network. We design, prototype and test for corporate ventures of big corporations in order to validate new services and products.

Small or Medium Enterprises

We help SMEs design, engineer, and scale-up for mass production. Benefit from our startup-like thinking and speed of development, but also our stability and maturity which make us a trusted partner.